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Protecting Your Idea-We offer a team of experts to take your
Business to the Next Level.

5T International Patent Law Firm, based in Seoul
Republic of Korea, is a full-service intellectual property law firm that advises regional, domestic, and international
businesses on a wide range of legal and IP matters

Since our foundation in 2003, we have provided expertise counsel and guidance in every IP area, such as patent prosecution, litigation, licensing, IP portfolio management, etc. and also focused on reaching the needs of various clients, which range from multinational corporations, world class R&D organizations, and universities to individual inventors

5T has extensive experience in the drafting and prosecution of patent applications at the Korean Intellectual Property Office in all technical areas. Our patent attorneys draft applications on the basis of our clients’ objectives, the commercial value of the invention, target markets, and the growth potential of the relevant technology.

5T provides complete trademark and design services such as undertaking availability searches to identify potential conflicting marks and designs prior to adoption and use in Korea in order to minimize infringement risks and to maximize the likelihood of registration. We also prepare and prosecute trademark and design applications at the Korean Intellectual Property Office, and have an active enforcement and litigation practice.

5T provides aggressive but cost-effective litigation services for enforcing and defending patents, trademark and other intellectual property rights. Our attorneys have broad-ranging experience in litigation, arbitration and enforcement in respect of patents, trademarks, designs, copyrights, unfair competition and trade secret matters.

5T handles complex licensing matters for leading technology–oriented companies. We also handle acquisitions and divestitures of IP, and a wide–range of commercial technology transactions, including development, alliance and distribution agreements.

5T assists clients in identifying and resolving potential infringement issues before going to market. Our services include conducting invalidation searches and freedom-to-operate searches and preparing opinions on non-infringement and invalidity. The name 5T was derived from our dedication to quality intellectual property services in high technology areas; IT, NT, BT, ET, ST, and etc. Though upper-middle sized law firm, 5T has made great strides in building our reputation as a leading IP firm in Korea by earning trust and confidence.

5T has now become one of the leading IP law firms in Korea, which we confidently believe is a result of our persistent efforts to meet the growing demands of our clients. As we have ever done so far, we will never be satisfied with just following the existing standard of service and try to keep our values and aim for a level of service that exceeds the expectations of our clients. This is what we pride ourselves on. An expert knowledge and a diligent analysis are the cornerstones of all our legal practices. We assure you that working with 5T will truly help you to take your business to the next level.