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Dr. Lee, Un-Cheol
E : agfe@5tip.com
Graduated from Konkuk University. Ph.D in Control Engineering.
An exchange researcher at Communications Research Laboratory in Japan.
A manager of Control Instrumentation Department at KESCO.
He worked as a Patent Examiner at KIPO, in Computer Device Division for
Applied Communication, Internet, Electronic Commerce, BM Patent, and Electronic Cash related inventions, and in Communication Division for Wire/wireless Internet and Applied Communication Technology inventions.
An adjunct professor of Computer Engineering at Mokwon University.
An adjunct professor of Venture Business Technology at Konkuk University.

A member of examination of Small and Medium Business Administration,
Korea Institute of Industrial Technology Evaluation & Planning
and Korea Technology Credit Guarantee Fund.
A member of mid and long term projects evaluation of the Ministry of Commerce,
Industry and Energy and Ministry of Information and Communication.
An advisor at KIPRIS (Korea Institute of Patent Information) and KIPA (Korea Invention Promotion Association)
He gave over 50 special lectures related to Internet, electronic commerce and BM at Seoul Metropolitan Officials Training Institute and International Patent Training Institute,Training Institute of the Federation of Korean Industries, LG, and the Korea Patent Attorneys Association, SERI (Samsung Economic Research Institute), Hankyung Daily Newspaper, Joong-Ang Daily Newspaper,
WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization), various academic organizations, etc.
Won the prizes for the best official and the best examiner at KIPO (the Korean Intellectual Property Office, Golden Thimble Prize '99, '00).
Contribution to a publication: Harmonics hindrance at electric-use places (1995, KESCO)
Contribution to a publication: Electronic commerce and cyber laws (2000, KIPO)
An author of Knowledge management and patent strategies (2000, Sejong books)
An author of E-(Internet, electronic commerce, service) patent strategies
(2001, Sechang books)
Contribution to a publication: Electronic Cash System (2001, KIPO)
An author of a plurality of journal articles on BM patent and IT Technology
(Electronic Commerce Association, Korea Society for Engineering Education)